The ADBL Executive Diploma in Digital Business

Over the last three months I have been studying about all things digital through the ADBL Executive Diploma in Digital Business. The course includes a mix of webinars, online course material and reading. It is a shared experience with a large cohort of digital leaders from a wide range of countries. It has been an interesting course to date and one which has taken up lots of evenings and weekends with study.

The course is divided into 6 modules:

  • Module 1: The digital imperative
  • Module 2: Customer perspective and unlocking data
  • Module 3: Innovation and agility
  • Module 4: Digital channels to market
  • Module 5: New ways of working
  • Module 6: People, culture and transformation

I am currently working on Module 4: Digital channels to market and this blog post is part of the expected coursework.

Note: I completed and passed the diploma in 2016 with a distinction and received a ‘Most Innovative’ award at graduation. Since completing the course it has changed and details of an alternative course can be found here: